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9.00 x 16 Tyres

Speedways and MRF have a wide range of highly durable military tyres and we are currently importing the 6.00 x 16 , 7.00 x 16, 9.00 x 16 and 7.50 x 20 NDMS range and 9.00x 13 tyre.  Get that original look back for your vehicle with a set of bar grip tyres.


The NDMS (which stands for non directional mud and snow bar grip tyres) includes the 6.00 x 16 which has the original Goodyear tread pattern and high quality side walls which are suitable for fitment on Willy's jeep and the 9.00 x 16 which is suitndmsable for Land Rover TACR's and 101 front control and ferrets upto 5 tonnes.


We can also supply 6.00x 16 tubes and flaps and 9.00x 16 tubes with long stems for fitment to Ferrets etc     


  • Very High void in tread pattern
  • Good traction on soft and sandy terrain
  • Bar tread pattern for that authentic look.

9.00 x 16


6.00 x 16

9.00 x 13

As you may know 9.00x 13 tyres are very hard to source. We can supply 9.00 x 13 tyres with the original olympic tread pattern.  These are good qulaity tyres but do not have an e mark.  

We have had a number of satisfied customers from around the world with these tyres.

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